how do i find podcasts?

Having just had an interesting experience with a local SF podcast that seems to want me to have a new Apple computer or it won't download, So my question is is there anywhere to go and browse through podcasts? I have Ubuntu Linux and Opera for a browser, because I prefer both, but I can see how this might complicate things..
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Doonesbury cartoons, good but political

You know for years the only thing I read in the Australian newspaper was the Doonesbury cartoon. Now it is online (and has been for years), so I don't even bother to borrow work's copy of the Oz- it has always been Rupert's rag, but who needs it's right wing blather? I do usually look at the photos and read the cartoons and sport in the Herald Sun, but that is what Melbournians are taught to do from a young age. Right now I am loving (It takes you to Slate, which is microsoft, but i do think Murdoch's News limited is the real evil empire, so why not.) The Red Rascal story is worth a look. The we swing over to Dilbert, but careful not too much work cynicism...
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Have a merry Xmas

A Very Merry Christmas to all. Sorry we didn't manage cards this year but thanks for the ones we received.
And may your Ghod(s) be with you...
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Do you want to know a secret...

It is only a little secret and my family know already, but I am an insomniac. It is the "hour of the wolf" (3-4 AM) and I am wide awake. My arthritic foot woke me; it is aching, must be yet more rain about. I have just had two Panadol, with some milk and when I get back to bed after writing this, I will do some relaxation exercises and go back to sleep. This is not so bad right now, as I am on holiday, but during school terms I gradually get more and more tired, when this happens. I don't even get anything useful done. I have watched some of the most bland and boring advertorials and old movies on TV, not to mention baseball. One night I had a migrane and I watched several innings of a game, then the next day, when I was home sick I watched some more. Thanks HD channel 1, so much better than mineral makeup Guthy Renker TV ads. Tonight I decided to come write this, all first draft, unlike some stuff lately which I have been working on for a new Kalien fanzine. This may yet end up in there, I am unsure. Getting old and a bit worn can literally be a pain.

OK, I am going to go surf the net a bit...

media SF magazine

Depreciation-Sometimes old doesn't mean classic, just old.

Last Friday night, the Melbourne Science Fiction Club sold me a dozen old SFX magazines, a somewhat random selection mostly from 2004 to 2007 with one 2009 issue. They were donated to the club to sell at meetings, so they are in with the books for sale. Everything is second hand, but in good condition and affordable, so I got an SFX bundle. (Thanks for the e-mail heads up on the sale from Alan Stewart. Sorry I missed you at the meeting-I was really late. Try and catch up with you soon.) These SFXs date from the period when I was too broke to buy many of these issues, so I haven't read them (I think I already have one issue, but who could resist the Scanner Darkly issue, complete with a Rotoscoped Keanu Reeves on the cover? A Scanner Darkly is my favourite Phil K. Dick book, but that story is for another time.)

Anyway, I have a lot to read and look through and have been dipping in and out, as I am on holidays. I have been looking at how the layout varies and the articles and photos are presented.
I had not realized just how much keeping up with events was a part of my reading and appreciation of SFX. I expected some things to be a bit dated, but so much is so old, it is actually affecting my whole experience. I thought I read SFX as a dispatch from England, a couple of months after it was first published, just like I used to read TV21 comics years ago, but I have found the dated news really effects the whole experience. This is media SF history, there are not even many funny photo captions in these issues. I am glad they didn't cost me too much. Some of the news I missed at the time is of interest. Gee, Blake's Junction 7 is six years old? I just recently saw a copy (Big Hi to Chris Baylis who told me it was available.) However the ads for Buffy box sets of DVDs are so years ago. I enjoyed Buffy, but these days I leave it to those who want to teach about empowered young women.

Lesson for today- old magazines do loose their freshness and timeliness and nostalgia doesn't compensate, but getting a bargain price helps. Jocko.

Despicable me

Went to the movies yesterday. Saw this animated feature in 3D. Felt very good, as we took our own glasses, from last time. Fun movie, from the director of the ice Age films. Same sort of feel to it, family friendly, although the Mad Scientist's minions are often in peril. Loved the little yellow one and two eyed minions, goggles and all. I have a feeling they may well be back in their own film or TV series. A funny film I would recommend. And of course, being holiday fare, it is PG rated.
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convention addict

I've been to a lot of cons, since my first Medtrek 3 in 1984. Traveled around a bit of Australia to get to things, driven to Perth, flew to Brisbane, went by train to Sydney. Really must get along to a con in Tasmania or if anyone runs such a thing, a convention in Broome or Darwin. Haven't been there. Went to New Zealand once, not to a con-a honeymoon, but it is the only time I have been out of Australia. should plan to do more overseas travel too. I like cons, they are a place where the fannish lifestyle is all, for a while. Getting away from "real life" and partying. Of course it is changing these days, as Science fiction is becoming mainstream and people at work who know I am a fan want to stop and discuss Doctor Who. Sometimes I miss the old days when SF was a bit weird and eccentric, but not much. I certainly don't miss when The incredible hulk was the best SF and fantasy choice to watch on TV. I have a library of TV and Movies I can watch anytime. That really is the greatest change since 1980, nowadays I can get TV shows or Movies and watch them when I like, thanks to cheap and easy technology. Just like having access to a library of books to read. what a wonderful liberty.

Les Robertson news

Hi Everyone,

I called Les last Sunday at home in Moe. He is out of hospital and back with his parents. The fistula in his arm is working and he is doing dialysis several times a week, which is very good news. He is a bit wonky on him feet and is using a frame to steady him. Five months in hospital does that. He says "Hello" to all and will see people at Aussiecon 4 in a couple on months.

James Allen.