jocko55 (jocko55) wrote,

Late, hot, bit tipsy

You know using a half pint pot for cold wine with a bit of water is not a good idea. I'm a bit wobbly now. still hot, 41 degrees celsius here today. tomorrow not so hot, 27 degrees. wish i could sleep. ah well, working a bit on the writing. all the online ooptions, facebook, newspapers are distracting, but so far in 2013 I have posted a few things here. hello all my friends and readers, good to have you along. Someone once said my writing is woven with comments about food and drink. I like food and drink, too much, that's why I am overweight and struggle to lose kilos. Might have lost a few today. didn't really have an evening meal, although I did eat a small bowl of ice cream. trying to use the smaller bowls, rather than the huge chinese feast ones, especially for cereal or oats with fruit. Have yet to even find Eoin colfer's hitcdhhiker book, so that resoulution is on hold. Damn hot. need more cold drinks, not wine, though. Jug of cold water in the fridge. So far 2013 is better than 2012, relaxing enjoying life more. Saw Attach the block, nasty violent, enjoyed it. Good movie, but not for kids, even though it about 15 year olds. Young adult MA 15+, so the protagonists, if they were real cold not see it. Interesting. kept thinking the average age of vietnam soldiers was 19... '
cheerio Jocko.
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