jocko55 (jocko55) wrote,

Begin again.

Hope you all have a Hoopy New Year. (Yep, Hitchikers fan to the end) Gee I miss Douglas's books. Thanks to David Russell I think I have a copy of them all and no-one writes like Douglas Adams. I have tried the Eoin colfer continuation of Hithchikers guide. i really must have another go at it in 2013. There you go an achievable resolution. I also must loose weight. ( ate too much partying over Xmas) (There was a pause there while i went back, corrected a couple of spolling errors and tidied up the first little bit. computers, it wasn't like this when i used to use a typowriter--going back with correction tape/fluid was very analogue and a bit hap hazard--you can see this in early fanzines I did.) At this time of year i give thanks for everyone I know and miss those who have passed on. (Long pause while i reflect on loved ones I miss...) Life is a journey, so on we go. I am very lucky to have wonderful family and friends. I like telling my stories and hearing theirs. It is amazing how untidy life can be, yet that is quite a lot of its charm.
You know it is 20 years since the Babylon 5 pilot was made. Love that show still.
cheerio Jocko.
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