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Got the tram today!

It was a lovely sunny day here, so we walked to Melville Road and caught the 55 tram into Melbourne C.B.D. today. Had lunch at Lord of the Fries and Harajuku (japanese crepes), then went shopping. After much searching finally got the $7.95 Marvel collection #1 Spiderman comic from the newsagent. Written by JMS, it is cool and I really wanted to read it.

It was awkward getting on and off trams with the walking frame and I feel a bit tired in the legs now, but I am really glad to have done the trip. Being stuck at home for a month is not much fun and I really am feeling better. The low floor trams were much more accessible than the z class and the train home was easy, although waiting for the bus from the station to the stop near home was a dull 25 minutes. I do look forward to when the doctors will let me drive again.
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