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No MSFC tonight for me.

I just posted this to facebook: I cannot attend the M.S.F.C. Annual General Meeting. I am just too tired and not up to going out in the cold night. I hope to get along to con 9 on Sunday, perhaps by taxi. Good luck with AGM and to the new committee.
Bit disappointed, but I am tired and sick. My right leg is getting better, but i still have a wound with a vacuum dressing connected by a 2 metre tube to a portable pump. Looks like this will continue for another three weeks and then I hopefully will go into hospital for a skin graft over the wound. I think I can see the end of this episode. Ghod it is frustrating, as I need a frame to walk and am not allowed to drive. at least i am getting some model cars made.
Tags: con 9, health, msfc
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